aaeaaqaaaaaaaaqnaaaajdg1mzk1mmq0lwrmn2etndcxoc04zjjjlwy4odnjogiymmy0mgHello! My name is Rebecca Schriner, but you can call me Becca, Becs, Bexter – anything but Becky. I am a graduate of Taylor University who studied professional writing and public relations. (I know: professional writing, what’s that? Essentially, I have been trained in article and story writing, corporate communications, editing, and more writing-related techniques.)

“Extraordinary Young Women” is a weekly blog focused on helping people of all ages dig into their neighborhoods, corporate culture, and relationships. Before you get started reading, there are three things you should know about me and my blog.

1) Primarily, I am an editor and a children’s and YA fiction writer. My language is simple, conversational, and journal-esque. The content will be clean and appropriate for audiences of all ages. While this blog is directed toward women, men can enjoy and learn too!

2) My first opportunity to venture in the “adult world” was freeing but tough. My family and university were awesome in providing for me as a kid, but I was completely lost at how to care for myself as an adult. That’s when this blog was born. I want this site to be a place where my readers can learn something new about how to approach the “real” world. I’m ready to make mistakes and memories – and share. I love to learn, am a compulsive researcher, and am no expert in the big world, so I will be learning right alongside you. Which leads us to:

3) I love talking with friends and readers – that means two-way communication. I don’t want this to be another online advice column. Let’s create a forum where we can share our experiences and figure out how to prosper in this world together.

Thanks for reading!