Why YOU Need to See Cars 3

No spoilers! I promise. *Pinkie swears*

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Not gonna lie, I was suuuper hesitant to see this movie. I live and breathe Disney, but the company doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to sequels. (Sorry Finding Dory and Pirates of the Caribbean series fans! I always enjoy the sequels but think they are missing something, unlike the originals.)

BUT! I stand by my tweet from last week:

Shoutout to the writers of Cars 3! Here is my official review:

Cars 3 Review

(No need to rate on animation because it’s Disney – animation is top quality.) For moral and family application, I thought this movie’s moral may go over the heads of young kids, though this was a great movie for the original Cars fans (and older). While the new characters were well-developed and necessary to the story, I still missed Sally, Mater, and the other Radiator Springs characters. The storyline was decent for a sequel and I loved seeing the backstory on Doc (Lightning’s mentor), but I still thought it was missing something from the original story.

What an incredible message this movie holds for the old and new generations. As someone who thought she was stuck in the generation gap (meaning I didn’t fit into either side of the generation debate), I loved this story. But it made me realize that I am a millennial. I understand technology and know little-to-nothing about the “hard life” before tech. I grew up thinking that I could do anything I set my mind to and I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to do.

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Going into the work world, there seems to be a lot of push back on that millennial mindset from the older generations. They had to do some “grungy/dirty” work that they didn’t enjoy before they could move up the ladder. And they think you should too.

It’s not mean; it’s life.

Just because you had an education directed toward a higher position, doesn’t mean that your dream job will be your first one. You have to gain experience.

But that doesn’t also mean it’s fair to have an Entry Level position require 5+ years of experience.

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There has to be a compromise when it comes to the generation clash in the work world. This is my perspective and advice to the two generations:

Older generations: We’re not trying to steal your jobs; we’re trying to pursue our dreams – like you taught us (especially through Disney movies). And while some of the millennials take that too far, not all of us have that entitled attitude. While school provided us with a lot of new knowledge and technology, it did not prepare us for the transition into the workforce. We NEED mentors. Please don’t condemn us and refuse to teach us because of our reputation. Get to know us and teach us your style so when your generation retires (after many long years), we will know how to teach the generation after us. Let us look up to you like Lightning McQueen looks up to Doc – as heroes and our friends.

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Younger generations: Stop thinking you’re the exception. While you may have creative and innovative ideas, understand that older generations have been in those roles for 10, 20, 30+ years. They’ve worked hard to get where they are. They understand how the job works and may have a perspective for you to keep in mind for years to come. Also, don’t be afraid to work hard in entry-level jobs for many years. You can’t rise up the ranks and be the Senior VP in a couple months. Take your time and enjoy the work. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make suggestions, but also understand that older generations have wisdom from their experience in the companies.


Do you agree with my review and/or advice? Comment your thoughts below!

Let’s get a debate going! What is your favorite Disney SEQUEL?


2 thoughts on “Why YOU Need to See Cars 3

  1. Rachelle Rea Cobb says:

    Great points, Becca! I really enjoyed seeing Cars 3 with coworkers the other day–I wasn’t expecting that ending, and I thought Lightning’s actions held great inspiration for bridging the generation gap. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rebecca says:

      Thanks, Rachelle. I wasn’t expecting the ending either. So cute! Even if kids just saw it as a good movie, I hope they got a subconscious impression of how the older generations will see them and can be encouraged that we are excited for them to blow us away in their time.


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