Part-time Perks


As I promised last week in Tips from a Waitress, time to discuss the GLORY of a part-time job.

When I was in high school, I did a thousand extra-curriculars. My parents constantly told me to get a part-time job and start saving up for college. But I always said, “No way!”

It wasn’t that I didn’t want a job; I just never thought I had the time.

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After I left for college, I never seemed to have less than three part-time jobs at once. A lot of people called me crazy, but – as I’ve said before – I am a workaholic. But I knew loans would come quickly and companies wanted experienced employees; I wanted to be prepared.

Fast forward to today. I’ve been out of college for six months, two weeks, and one day. (Not that I’m counting.) I still have four part-time jobs and am looking for that *perfect* full-time job. But while the job search is ongoing, I am LOVING my part-time positions.

Here are five perks to having part-time jobs:

  1. You can have multiple kinds of positions. Part-time work allows you to have multiple jobs. My favorite thing about my jobs in college was that I had one physically active job and two desk jobs. Now, while all of my jobs are in my field of study, they are all giving me a different angle on the publishing/communication world. (I work in publicity, editorial, digital media, and marketing.)
  2. You’re your own motivator. Something cool about my remote part-time jobs (meaning I work from home) is that no one breathes down my neck to get my work done. Of course, there are still necessary deadlines, but I can pat myself on the back at 8 pm if that’s when my work gets done. This can be a problem if you have procrastination problems. In jobs like food service and retail, some people don’t care about your work. But as long as you are your biggest cheerleader, all will be well in the working world.
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  3. You can have a variety of coworkers. If you tell your employer that your work schedule is flexible, chances are that you’re not going to work with the same people every day as your shifts vary. If you have more shifts or more jobs, you get to see a variety of coworkers, managers, clients, and/or customers – making sure work never gets routine or boring.
  4. You set your own schedule. While full-time jobs are usually 9-5, part-time jobs are flexible. If you work best after 4 pm, consider a night shift position. I work remotely, so I can start work at 6 am when my dog wakes me up or 1 pm when I finish lunch. You can also give yourself extra time for job hunting and sun-tanning. Little tip here: use a planner to track your hours and working days.
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  5. Any money you made is hard earned. I’m not saying in other jobs it’s not, but when you set your own hours, you are pretty much signing your own check. If you choose to work thirty hours every week instead of ten, your check is going to be that much bigger.
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Of course, there are downsides to part time jobs (like that you can’t afford rent on just one job), but I don’t mind working for four different companies, getting a range of experience, and meeting a ton of new people while I look for my full-time job.

If you’re still job hunting and don’t have a source of income yet, I encourage you to go find a part-time job. They’re not terribly difficult or time-consuming, and – if you have a good attitude about them – they can be fun.

FOR FUN: check out this “What Career Should You Have” BuzzFeed quiz.
Don’t forget to comment your results below!
I got Humanitarian, Social Worker, or Judge – which is totally not me. My roommate and best friend are social workers, though. (WHOOT, go Lauryn and Kayla!)


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