Why YOU Need to See Cars 3

There has been a huge split between the older and younger generations. The younger is entitled and rude; the older is crabby and stuck in the old ways. What's the compromise? I think it's hidden in Cars 3. Check out my post for my thoughts on the workforce generation gar and a review of Disney Pixar's newest movie, Cars 3.


Part-time Perks

It's easy to write off the part-time job as a way to pass the time before getting a full-time job, but having the part-time job has its perks. Check out the post for details.

Tips from a Waitress

You learn a lot working part time in a restaurant. I'd like to share what I learned while being a waitress.


How to Take Advice … You Don’t Want to Hear

Your boss, your mom, your professor, and your grandma all have things to say about your life. And you want to have nothing to do with it ... at first. Here's my advice on taking advice.