Keeping Distant Friends Close

Image result for friends on phone gifFriends, I apologize for the late, late post. I decided to go camping with some college friends this weekend, and my post got put on the back burner. Don’t worry, I received my due karma in the form of lobster-red sunburn.

On this camping trip, I realized that my friendships with my best friends haven’t stayed the same since I left college.

We got busy. Life moved on. We missed shared experiences. And that’s after only four months apart.

But that didn’t change the fact that we are still the best of friends. When we got together, we laughed over old stories, caught up on what we missed, and enjoyed each others’ presences.

download.jpgAs you read in my post Happily Ever After (After College), many them are getting married. I got to catch up on pre-marital counseling, wedding planning, relationship struggles, and more.

It’s easy to wait until you meet again to swap stories and get close again, but there are some tips on keeping those distant friends close.

  1. Make a plan. Set up a weekly or monthly opportunity to FaceTime. Write letters. Organize visits. Planning ahead removes the anxiety of reaching out and interrupting someone’s life.
  2. Pick up the phone. Often, memories that remind me of my friends hit me when I am walking through Wal-Mart or after a dream or at work. I think, “Oh, I should reach out to (Friend A) soon,” then go on my way and forget about it. Stop it. At least shoot them a text to say you’re thinking about them. They won’t be annoyed; they’ll be glad to hear from you.
  3. Answer your phone. Don’t put off replying to your friends texts unless you’re in a business meeting or up to your elbows in raw chicken. Friendship is two-sided; if you want them to respond to you, respond to them.
    Image result for friends on phone gif
  4. Don’t be a Spammer. There is no need to keep up on every moment of every day. Who cares what they ate for breakfast? (Unless it’s some fancy creation you two made up together.)
  5. Continue on. The only way to have new stories to share is to make new memories. Don’t be so upset over the distance that you forget that life goes on. Live your life, and don’t forget to be present where you are, even if your distant friends always have a little piece of your heart.
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