Boost Your Dating Confidence


Summer is almost here, and spring fever is in the air – which means it’s a prime time for romance. Or at least a date or two.

After being date-less for over two-and-a-half years, I got asked on a date this week. Though it was just lunch and a movie, I freaked out. I dug through my wardrobe and fretted over having nothing to wear. I thought through everything that could go wrong. I debated calling it off all together. Better off friends, right?

Needless to say, I was nervous.

I didn’t end up calling off my date and had a great time – despite the rain, the not-so-hot movie, and the blistering heels.

And I learned a few tips on how to boost your confidence for a date.

  1. Work off the extra energy. Image result for exercise gifTurn your pre-date jitters into something productive. Do laundry, clean up the kitchen, reorganize your bookshelf or closet, or work out. You don’t need to strain yourself, like Mr. Potato Head, but don’t be afraid to work up some sweat to drain the adrenaline. (Then shower.)
  2. Make yourself happy.  Jam to some of your favorite tunes or watch your favorite Friends episode. Dancing around and making yourself laugh will put you in a good mood for when your date arrives. It will also make smiles come more naturally than sulking before the date.
  3. Eliminate expectations. He doesn’t need to open your door and give you a goodnight kiss. Image result for first date gifIf you go in expecting the best date, you could be horribly disappointed. If you expect the worst date ever, you will be miserable – and why are you going? Let the date happen however it’s supposed to. That doesn’t mean you can’t prepare a couple questions so you have something to say.
  4. Be comfortable. When choosing an outfit, choose something that will fit your date (the event) and your personality. If you’re going laser tagging, maybe heels and a dress isn’t the best option. Are you going to a fancy dinner? Maybe keep the dress and heels. Remember to be yourself, though.
  5. Phone a friend. Stuck in making a decision? Call your bestie. She (or he) could have some insightful advice to save the day. Or she (or he) could act so ridiculous that all your butterflies fly away.

Image result for confidenceDon’t forget to tell yourself that it’s just a date. Relax and be open to the possibility of something new. Don’t psych yourself out and give the poor man a chance to prove himself. Hey you – be yourself, strike a power pose for a last-second boost, and meet your date at the door when he knocks.

But, for goodness sake, please wear deodorant!

What was your first date like? I want stories! Comment below.


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