Woes of a Babyface

Guy at the restaurant I worked at: “Why are you carrying those beers? Aren’t you like 18?”

Me: “Nope, actually I’m 22.”

Him: “No way! You could pass for 16.”

Ugh. People have guessed I’m a minor three times in the past week. And I know exactly why: I’m a babyface.

If you look at young photos of me, I still look exactly the same as I always have. The chubby cheeks. The crooked smile. The squinty eyes. And – my goodness – the dimples.

Becca Throwback (1).jpg

I feel like guys take one look at babyface girls, like me, and think we’re still in high school. Turn off. We have the sweet, innocent look that makes us look naive. And there’s nothing we can do about it.

Image result for slow growing beard gifBabyface guys have it easier than girls. Grow a beard and instantly look 10 years older. (Sorry patchy guys and beardless men.) But I don’t think Bearded Lady would be a good career for me – a circus salary doesn’t pay college loans.

No matter how much I work out, I won’t swap the chubby cheeks for defined cheekbones. This face is in my DNA.

While it’s annoying that people want to pinch your cheeks and tell you how adorable your babyface is (yes, people actually do this), there are a few perks.

1) You will always look younger than you are.When I’m 100, I’ll still look 75. *Fist pump*

2) You’re easily trusted. Something about the cherub-look creates a bond.

3) You don’t have to update photos. My face doesn’t change so no need for retakes.

In all honesty, it can be annoying, but I wouldn’t change my look for any other. My babyface is a part of who I am.

What’re your thoughts on babyfaces? Are you confident in your babyface? Are babyfaces appealing in the opposite gender? Do you trust babyfaces more easily? Any babyface stories? Please share in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Woes of a Babyface

  1. mommyrosebuds says:

    I’m 26 and I look about 17 at the moment and I have 3 kids! I love it! The closer I get to 30 I feel even better knowing no one will ever guess my age correctly! *fist pump to baby faces!


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