Pork Enchiladas

YOU: Becca! Where have you been? You always post on Fridays, and it’s already Sunday! You’re slacking.

ME: I’m super sorry. I worked two doubles at the restaurant this weekend, and I’m exhausted.

YOU: No excuses.

ME: I know. But hey! With all my running around this week, my mom gave me instructions for her quick and easy Pork Enchiladas. It’s a great meal for when you’re working a lot – like me. It’s even a two-meals in one recipe.

YOU: Well, I guess if you have a recipe for me then you’re forgiven.

ME: Thanks, friend!

Pork Enchiladas

Pork Enchiladas Ingredients.jpgMeal 1 may be the easiest meal you have ever made. For Meal 1 (Salsa Pork), you will need a frozen pork tenderloin, a jar of salsa, and a crock pot. Place frozen pork tenderloin in the crock pot. Surround tenderloin with the salsa. Place lid on crock pot and cook tenderloin on Low for five hours. Enjoy with more salsa, sour cream, and a light salad.

Don’t get rid of your leftovers! Save them in the fridge for the next night.

Meal 2 is a little more complicated (barely). Chop your pork tenderloin leftovers into bite-sized (or smaller) pieces. Pour your salsa leftovers in a skillet on a Medium-heat setting. Be sure to stir occasionally so the bottom doesn’t burn. When the salsa is warm, add your pork leftovers to the skillet. After five minutes, add two handfuls of shredded cheddar cheese to the skillet.

Turn the stove top heat on Low, and preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Grab a 9×13 pan, and coat the pan with a non-stick spray. Spread salsa evenly across the bottom of the pan.

img_9634Fill each flour tortilla shell with two spoonfuls of the leftover mixture. Do not use up all the mixture. Roll up the tortillas, and place them in the pan. You should be able to layer them from short edge to short edge of the pan without any problems. When the pan is filled, sprinkle a thin layer of cheddar cheese over the tortillas. Take the last of the salsa and spread it over the tortillas, making sure every visible piece of tortilla is moist with salsa.

Bake your pork enchiladas for 25 minutes. Again, serve with sour cream, salsa, and salad.

Happy cooking!



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