How to Live with Your Parents Again

As many of you know, I graduated college in December. But because I haven’t found a full time job yet, I’ve moved back into my parents’ house.

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I think I just heard every young adult scream…. OH, THE HORROR!

Over the past month, I’ve been readjusting to life under my parents’ roof. I’m living in my old room with my high school decor. (Gotta love those high school football banners and Harry Potter posters!) No, living with my parents may not be the fabulous bachelorette lifestyle I wanted right after college – meeting new friends in my corporate big-city job far, far away – but it does have its perks.

  1. Get your feet under you: Image result for standing on stack of moneyFinding a job right out of college can be great. You can start off your career! However when you have food, rent, electricity, water, internet, and cable bills to pay off PLUS your college loan bills, it can be overwhelming. By living with your parents for a month or two, you can “get your feet under you” and become financially stable. Find a side job and save up for those bills. You can also feel more emotionally grounded with any post-college blues and physically healthy by asking your parents to buy the pricey healthy food.
  2. Share responsibilities: Living on your own means – well – being on your own. (Imagine that!) You have to take out the trash, remember to pay the bills, do all the dishes, vacuum, dust – you get the point. When you live with your family, it works like an organism. Don’t be stingy and not take part in the work. You split the tasks so you don’t have to do them all and everything gets done.
  3. Family time: After being away for college, you’ve missed a lot in your parents’ and siblings’ lives. Talk to them. Ask them how Billy (your brother’s best friend from middle school) is doing. Ask mom if Laura (her coworker that she eats lunch with) needs help cleaning out her garage. Get involved in their lives again because it’s the last time you will be this close to them. Don’t be afraid to ask them for help or tell them funny stories from college or high school.

Being 100% real guys – this adjustment hasn’t been easy. I’ve had to adjust my schedule because of my parents’ jobs, pitch in with chores, and cook for more than one.

But I wouldn’t trade this time for anything. My parents have been awesome. How many people can say their dads helped them hunt for jobs during his break at work? Or who can say their moms spent a Saturday morning on hold for an hour so she could talk to someone about your finances? Your parents care about you and want you to succeed.

While this lifestyle isn’t glamorous or meant to last, enjoy it because Dorthy is right:

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Excuse the language on this BuzzFeed article, but it’s so funny and true I had to share: 21 Struggles Of Moving Back In With Your Parents After University.

How are you doing back in your parents’ house? Share in the comments below.

Looking for more “life back at home” survival tips? Check out these articles: Moving Back Home With Your Parents After College – How to Make It Work (Money Crashers) and Why it’s OK to move in with your parents after college (USA Today: College).


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