How to Apply for Jobs

Are you still looking for a job? Yeah, me too. But that means we've learned a lot about applying to jobs, right? Check out these five tips on how to actually apply for the job you want.


Pork Enchiladas

Need two quick and easy meals? Salsa Pork and Pork Enchiladas are delicious and easy to prepare with your schedule. Enjoy this Schriner family original! Click here for the recipe.

How to Live with Your Parents Again

You've finished college. You're ready to take on the world. BUT you have no job, no money, and no place to go - except back to your parents' house. It's not so bad. Click here to read why.


ALL Year Resolutions

Happy New Year! Resolutions are traditions that I always seem to fall short on. I never can meet my weight goals and keep consistent with new routines. This year I'm starting my ALL Year resolutions. Click here to read more.