5 Bill Lessons Every Adult Needs

This week my naive-ness about how to handle bills came back and bit me in the butt. To prevent the craziness that I'm going through with this company, click here and learn my five tips on how to handle bills.


Holiday Traditions

Merry Christmas! This year I am examining what I like and don't like about my family's holiday traditions. Click here to get a glimpse of interesting Schriner Christmas traditions.

Skype Interviews

Skype interviews are becoming more popular in the adult world. I've compiled research from the experts on how to prepare. Click on this post for five pre-Skype-interview tips.


5 Moving Out Tips

I've graduated! Perhaps the biggest struggle of the college was moving out and away from my family/friend group. Check out this post for five moving out tips that will ease the stress of moving.


Winterize Your Vehicle

The first real snow came to Indiana this week, but as a native Midwesterner, I am not excited. Making the drive to my hometown for Christmas in the snow. So, I'm taking every precaution to prep my car for winter. Click for tips on how to winterize your vehicle.


A Must-Read Book

Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown is my go-to guide for all things "real world." While it does have its faults, like any other book, it would be a great Christmas gift for college seniors. Click here for my full review.